Welcome to the GYM! 



​Hello my name is Dave Mudder.  I am the K-12 Physical Education and Health Instructor.  I recieved a Bachelors of Science degree in Physical Education from the University of South Dakota.  My wife Mary teaches K-4 Special Education at Robert Bennis Elementary in Brandon. We reside in Garretson.  We have 3 children Brady, Brianna, Brennan. 

I enjoy the opportunity to educate your child.  If you have any questions feel free to contact me at dave.mudder@k12.sd.us


The Garretson School District has made every reasonable attempt to insure that webpages are educationally sound and do not contain links to any questionable material or anything that can be deemed in violation of the Garretson School District Acceptable Use Policy. ​


  My Schedule

8:00 8:15 Recess (Monday)

8:30 9:00 Kindergarten Physical Education

9:00 9:30 First Grade Physical Education

9:30 10:00 Second Grade Physical Education

10:08 11:01 Fitness for Life

11:05 11:30 Lunch

11:30 11:45 Prep/Recess

11:45 12:15 Third Grade Physical Education

12:15 12:45 Fourth Grade Physical Education

 12:45 1:15 Fifth Grade Physical Education

 1:15 2:17 Prep, Alt. PE, (Tues,Th), Recess (Fri)

2:17 3:01 Lifetime PE

3:01 3:24 ICU

 District Expectations

​​Show respect to yourself, others, and all property
Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
Be an involved and responsible learner